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Roman Style Imperial

Roma Style Standard

Roma Style Standard4.75m2.55m1.00mopen
Roma Style Standard6.00m2.70m1.20mopen
Roma Style Standard6.00m3.00m1.40mopen
Roma Style Standard6.50m3.00m1.40mopen
Roma Style Standard7.10m3.10m1.55mopen
Roma Style Standard7.70m3.10m1.55mopen
Roma Style Standard8.20m3.10m1.55mopen

Roma Style Mega XXL

Roma Style MEGA XXL9.40m3.30m1.55mopen
Roma Style MEGA XXL8.50m3.70m1.55mopen
Roma Style MEGA XXL9.50m3.70m1.55mopen
Roma Style MEGA XXL10.50m3.70m1.55mopen

Pool set:

  • Sand filter + water pump 6m3/h or 11m3/h + 100/50 kg of quartz sand
  • 1 or 2 skimmer
  • 2/3 inlet jets
  • PVC fitting kit + 25m of hose pipe 50mm
  • Vacuum cleaner + hose + telescope
  • Chemicals set
  • pH tester kit
  • Thermometer

Warranty: 15 years for pool, 2 years for equipment

Download installation manual

installation guide