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Transport & Installation


Directly from our production hall we deliver pool shells to our customers. We deliver across all Europe on special designed and secured trailers.


Simplicity and ease of installation make it possible to embed yourself a pool in the ground:

  1. Into designated area dug down to a depth corresponding to the depth of the pool. (note: should take into account the concrete screed, polystyrene, foam collar protruding above the ground zero) The size of the trench is the outline of the pool plus approx.20cm on each side of the enlarged.
  2. At the bottom of the trench we spout concrete (concrete class B20) thickness 10-15cm. concrete screed should be reinforced with wire mesh ΓΈ6-8mm, then place on it the hard polystyrene foam (thickness 2-5cm).smaller pools, up to 6m length can be deposited on the ballast sand-cement well compacted and leveled.
  3. In that prepared trench can be inserted a swimming pool.
  4. Next pour into a pool 20 cm of water.
  5. Sprinkle the sides of the pool dry mortar sand – cement 6: 1 proportion to the water level in the pool, then pour water the mortar to perfectly matched to the shape of the pool.
  6. Repeat steps in paragraphs 4 and 5 until the complete filling of the pool.


Concrete screed should be the same size as the pool.

Care should be taken to the longitudinal sides of the pool kept in natural line (if the filling material outside is too tightly compacted or too low can affect the shape of the pool).

Stairs should be reinforced stronger mortar or should be supported by concrete blocks.

In the event of a high groundwater level should be performed drainage around the pool.